LGBT Films

Written, produced and directed by Rachel Dax

Time & Again (2019)

Former lovers, Eleanor and Isabelle meet again in a residential care home, sixty years after their relationship break up.Time & Again is a heart-wrenching and heart-lifting tale of two young women separated by society, being given an unexpected chance to make...

A Delicate Love (2016)

A young man's first taste of love leads to a collision of fantasy and food! SYNOPSIS: Peter, a Maths student, works part-time in a delicatessen. When a handsome and sophisticated older man purchases exquisite delicacies, Peter cannot help but be drawn to him. A...

Planet Love (2012)

Planet Love (2012) is a sassy, sexy 2 minute film set to music.  Planet Love was specially featured on the 'One More Lesbian' Media Site before being released on YouTube where it gained over 2 Million hits.   Planet Love was shot in July 2012 by...

Caravan Sight (2011)

Caravan Sight (2011) is an outrageous comedy-drama. Richard and Georgina are a 'respectable' married couple who work in a London corporate law firm. However, at weekends, they act out another existence at a caravan site in Wales. <iframe...

Banned Girls (in development)

DaxiTales' first feature film is currently in development. Written by Rachel Dax Banned Girls is a gritty British drama, saturated with music. When five young Welsh women set up a rock band and another enters a national talent competition,...

Horror Films

Produced by Rachel Dax, written and directed by Craig Fisher

The Body (2014)

THE BODY (2014) DaxiTales Ltd. recently released Craig Fisher's 15 minute short film The Body on Youtube. Watch this harrowing psychological drama starring Felicity Johns and Sara Harris Davies now!  

Angelystor (2016)

Angelystor, is inspired by a creepy old Welsh myth. It premiered at the International Vampire Film Festival (2017) in Transylvania and since then has been shown in horror festivals across the world.

Sweet Sixteen (2015)

A truly sinister tale of a young woman waking up in horrific circumstances after a night on the tiles...