Rachel Dax Biography

Rachel Dax – Writer, Director, Producer & Lecturer

Rachel Dax was born in 1972 and grew up in Birmingham (UK). In 1990, she moved to London where she obtained a BA (Hons) Philosophy & Theology from University of London. After two years working in retail, Rachel trained as a Religious Education Teacher and during her first few years of teaching, also gained an MA in Philosophy & Religion.

After a while, Rachel became restless and in 1999 moved to Cardiff, where she began pursuing a career in Drama by attending an array of performance based courses, and doing TV and Film walk on/acting roles. During this time, she started running after-school Drama classes in addition to teaching A Levels in Religious Studies and Philosophy (and eventually Theatre Studies) in Further Education colleges. In 2008, Rachel obtained a 1st Class BA (Hons) in Drama (Theatre & Media) from University of Glamorgan. As part of this degree, as well as acting in and directing countless theatre productions, Rachel learned scriptwriting and made her first four films: Dog Shit (2005), Ghost Hunt & Sceptics (2006), CRUSH (2007) and HEART (2008). 

Having become addicted to filmmaking, in 2008, Rachel went on to do a part time MA in Film at The International Film School Of Wales, University of Wales, Newport. During this MA, she honed her filmmaking skills and directed HelterSkelter (2009), co-wrote and co-directed The Gatekeeper (2010) and wrote, produced and directed her final film Caravan Sight (2011).

Rachel set up DaxiTales Ltd in 2011. Films made under the DaxiTales umbrella so far are: Planet Love (2012), The Body (2014), Sweet Sixteen (2015),  A Delicate Love (2016) and Angelystor (2016). She has recently released her latest short film Time & Again starring Dame Siân Phillips and Brigit Forsyth which is now being entered into festivals. In the near future, Rachel hopes to make two more shorts The Return Of Mary Seacole and The Rocks as well as her feature film Banned Girls.

Whilst continuing to make films, Rachel now works as a University Lecturer teaching Film Theory and Production. She is also a successful author. Her first novel After The Night (2010) is a sweeping lesbian love story set in a British prison in 1960, which examines homophobic prejudices and societal pressures alongside the romantic narrative. She is currently editing the third book of her trilogy The Legend Of Pope Joan – a fast-paced, gender-bending, medieval drama. Part 1. Frankia and Part 2. Athens were released in 2013 & 2014. Rachel has also written and narrated two audio stories How I Met My True Love (2013) and Gabriel (2014). 

Over the years, Rachel has directed numerous theatre productions including: Eh Joe by Beckett, Rhinoceros by Ionesco, Silence by Buffini, Caucasian Chalk Circle by Brecht, Hedda Gabler by Ibsen, Kindertransport by Samuels, An Inspector Calls by Priestly, The Mousetrap (Hamlet) by Shakespeare, The Trojan Women by Euripides, Lysistrata by Aristophanes, The Crucible by Miller and In Camera by Sartre.

In addition to her passion for film, theatre, and literature, Rachel enjoys high end TV drama, classical music… and dogs!