Rachel Dax

Rachel Dax – Company Director


Rachel Dax is a Writer, Producer, Director & Editor. Rachel initially worked as a Religious Studies teacher in London before moving to Cardiff and pursuing a career in Drama. She obtained a 1st Class Honours Degree in Drama (Theatre & Media) at Atrium in Cardiff, where she directed numerous plays and wrote, produced and directed her first two short films Crush and Heart. She then went on to complete an MA in Film at the International Film School of Wales, where she made three shorts: HelterskelterThe Gatekeeper and Caravan Sight. Rachel set up DaxiTales Ltd. in 2012 and made Planet Love which has had over 1.5 million hits on YouTube. Rachel recently wrote, produced and directed short film A Delicate Love which premiered at Shropshire Rainbow Film Festival in October 2016. She has also produced all three films by Craig Fisher.